The Paper Journey

An eco-friendly way to protect your confidentiality

At Kenny’s Shredding Company, we focus heavily on the journey your confidential documents take from your home or workplace to their next destination. We place immense value on the wider environment. It’s our duty not only to protect the confidentiality of homeowners and businesses across East Anglia but to keep your paperwork out of landfill and put it to good use in other ways.

Many of the sensitive documents and data that we shred for our customers is recycled into animal bedding that’s regularly utilised in horse bales. As a biodegradable material that’s virtually dust-free and significantly more absorbent than typical animal bedding, it not only has benefits for the environment but the animals too. Stables and equestrian centres make the most of your recycled documents by providing cleaner environments for horses with allergies or those suffering from inflammatory or respiratory diseases.

How to use our shredding services

Whether it’s a one-off or weekly arrangement, at Kenny’s Shredding Company we do everything we can to make the document shredding process simple. There are two main options when it comes to using our services:

  • Collection service
    Our team are happy to visit your home or workplace to collect your sensitive data or documentation ready for recycling. Simply contact us to arrange a convenient collection date. We can then send you specialist containers to help store all your unwanted paperwork; from bank and credit card statements to patient and employee records. This can either be a one-off or pay-as-you-go service or a contractual shredding service depending on the volume of paperwork you deal with.
  • Drop-off service
    We’re easily located on Norwich’s Sweet Briar Road Industrial Estate, near Sloughbottom Park and just inside the city centre ring road, offering easy access by car. If you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Norwich area, we’re happy for you to drop off your boxes of sensitive documentation and data for shredding and recycling at your convenience.

Let us help to reduce your carbon footprint

If you’re a business looking to fulfil its green commitments or simply a homeowner looking to safely and responsibly clear their paperwork, Kenny’s Shredding Company can work with you to minimise your carbon footprint. We’ll dispose of your confidential information in the most efficient way possible, conserving precious raw materials for important use elsewhere.

From office desks to horse bales

All British businesses have a legal duty to handle sensitive documentation with due care and attention. From payroll data and client records to any data featuring sensitive information on your business operations, these are linked closely with data protection policies which are going to change in the coming months. The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will result in financial penalties for businesses that fail to handle their data correctly, including giving customers the right to be forgotten i.e. removed from archives and databases if they so wish. We can help your business stay compliant with the latest data protection policies.