About Us

Everything you want from a document shredding company

At Kenny’s Shredding Company, we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class personal service for all our customers, with complete transparency and efficiency at the heart of our entire document and data shredding operations. As an independent company with old-fashioned customer values, we’ve always put our customers first and will continue to do so.

That does’t mean we’ve let our business sit still however. As the company has grown into one of the region’s best document shredding companies, offering a competitively priced and trustworthy service to public and private sectors throughout East Anglia, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art premises and the latest equipment to improve our processes.

Security is uppermost in our minds when it comes to our shredding processes too. That’s why our confidential document destruction is carried out to the letter. Our customers receive immediate destruction certificates every time we complete shredding on their behalf, putting them firmly in the picture.

A unique business in more ways than one

Our workforce is one key aspect of our document shredding company that sets us apart from regional competitors. We are a proud equal opportunities employer and we’ve taken that one step further by employing a number of blind staff members who share our passion for recycling and firmly support our mission to assist homeowners and small businesses in keeping their paperwork safe and secure.

Why the horse?

Furthermore, we believe our paper journey is entirely unique to Kenny’s Shredding Company. Much of the paper records and documents that we shred for our customers is recycled for use as animal bedding, particularly in equine environments such as stables and professional equestrian locations.

The benefits of our business are two-fold: we help our customers to streamline their office and household waste, simultaneously maintaining their privacy, whilst finding innovative ways to extend the lifecycle of domestic and commercial paperwork in a way that’s kinder to the wider environment.

CRB-checked and ready to help

We want our customers to have complete confidence in the professionalism of our staff. That’s why our team is DBS-checked and ready to assist by collecting documents direct from your business or home, or accepting containers of paperwork on-site for processing.